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Fish Profile Friday

It's not just Friday, it's Fish Profile Friday!

New fish profiles will be posted here, which will build up a database of fish and the type of tank setup that may work for you. Just click on each photo to open a PDF file. 

Let me know if you like this feature on the website, recommendations are always welcome. My contact details are available on the contact page.


Pakistani Loach/YoYo Loach

Oto 1.jpg

Oto Catfish

Platy 1.jpg

Southern Platy/Platy

Barb 1.jpg
Cory 2.jpg

Albino Cory

Cardinal 1.jpg

Cardinal Tetra

BN 1.jpg

Bristlenose Pleco


Clown Loach

Sailfin Pleco 1.jpg

Sailfin Pleco

Syno 1.jpg

Synodontis Rebeli

Hatchet 1.jpg

Marbled Hatchetfish

Weather 3.jpg

Weather Loach

Betta 2.jpg

Siamese Fighting Fish

Red tail 2.jpg
Puffer 2.jpg

Red-tailed Black Shark

Dwarf/Pea Puffer Fish

EN 1.jpg
Krib 1.jpg


Tiger Barb


Fire Eel.jpg



Fire Eel

Garders Killifish.jpg
UD Catfish.jpg
Pearl Gourami.jpg

Gardner's Killifish

Upside-down Catfish

Pearl Gourami

Rummynose Tetra.jpg
Blue Dolphin Cichlid.jpg
Zebra Pleco.jpg
Dwarf Rainbowfish.jpg
Black Molly.jpg
Black Moor Goldfish.jpg

Black Molly

Rummy-nose Tetra


Zebra Pleco

Malawi Blue Dolphin Cichlid

Neon/Dwarf Rainbowfish

Black Moor Goldfish

Common Freshwater Stingray.jpg
Bleeding Heart Tetra.jpg
Rocket Panchax.jpg
Potato Puffer.jpg
Chinese Algae Eater.jpg
Three-lined Cory.jpg
Cuckoo Catfish.jpg
Giant Gourami.jpg
Kulhi Loach.jpg

Kulhi Loach

Cuckoo Catfish

Three-lined Cory

Potato/Congo Box Puffer

Chinese Algae Eater


Rocket Panchax

Common Freshwater Stingray

Bleeding Heart Tetra

Giant Gourami

Zebra Danio.jpg

Zebra Danio

White Cloud Mountain Minnow.jpg

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

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