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The Biohome Sump Brick is most suitable for sumps and can be used for fresh or salt water systems.


It is a much larger version of the Biohome Ultra media and has a porosity of over 50%. You can test the extreme porosity of the media yourself by touching one end of the Biohome Sump Brick to the surface of some water. You’ll be amazed at how fast the water is drawn up the entire length of the Sump Brick.


If used correctly the Biohome Sump Brick will outperform all other types of sump bricks / plates for the removal of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.


The Biohome Sump Brick is an efficient biological filter media and good mechanical filtration must be provided first to ensure the water passing through it does not contain any debris that might clog it and reduce efficiency.


As all Biohome media is inert it allows you to raise or lower the PH to suit certain fish species without having a buffering effect.


For best nitrate reduction use one brick per 150 litres of aquarium water for a normally stocked tank. Heavily stocked systems will require one brick per 75 litres to achieve full cycle filtration (reduction in nitrate).


These figures are realistic and based on over a decade of feedback from people all over the world using the Biohome Ultra in all kinds of filtration systems. As the material used for the bricks is the same as Biohome Ultra we can confidently give these conservative figures as the bricks have a larger surface area.


The six small holes in the brick allow for standard 'frag plugs' (not included) to be inserted if you need extra space for growing corals.

Each Sump Brick is approx. 21cm x 10cm x 4.5cm.


***IMPORTANT: Sump Bricks should be carefully placed in the sump and not dropped.***

Biohome Sump Brick

  • Biohome Sump Brick filter media installation instructions

    • Rinse filter media in plain water to remove any fine dust particles.
    • To clean any particulate matter from the surface of the filter media rinse gently in mature aquarium water.
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