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Biohome Biogravel supplied in a convenient mesh bag for internal filters, such as the Juwel Bioflow range.


Biohome Biogravel is perfect as a shrimp and plant substrate, media for under gravel filters, internal filters, HOB filters, small canister filters and DIY filters made from ornaments. Biohome Biogravel is essentially a gravel made from sintered glass which has a wide range of applications.


It supports the growth of zooplankton and is the perfect playground for shrimp. Having a porosity of approximately 42% it performs at a similar level to the Biohome Standard and Biohome Plus with the added benefit of being small enough to be used in very restricted spaces.


The most obvious place for Biohome Biogravel is as a substrate in aquariums which have an under gravel system where it acts as both a substrate and an effective filter media. The Biohome Biogravel is easily cleaned using a gravel cleaner (if used as substrate) or by vigorous agitation in water drained off during tank maintenance.


As all Biohome media is inert it allows you to raise or lower the pH to suit certain fish species without having a buffering effect.


For best nitrate reduction use approximately 1kg per 100 litres of aquarium water for a normally stocked tank. Heavily stocked systems can take between 1.5kg - 2kg per 100 litres to achieve full cycle filtration (reduction in nitrate).


***Please note: the bag style and colour may vary.***

Biohome Biogravel (250g in a mesh bag)

  • Biohome Biogravel filter media installation instructions

    • Rinse filter media in plain water to remove any fine dust particles.
    • Once media is in the filter trays/baskets/mesh bags add the bacteria balls (included in box) on top, these will slowly release millions of beneficial bacteria to properly seed the filter media.
    • To clean any particulate matter from the surface of the filter media rinse gently in mature aquarium water.
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