Aquarium and Filter Services


I offer an array of aquarium services in the local area, including:

  • initial tank and filter setup

  • weekly/bi-weekly/monthly cleaning and maintenance

  • mechanical and biological filter media upgrades

  • fish choices/stocking advice

  • holiday feeding

  • tank relocation

  • cycled media service

Every aquarium is individual and servicing will vary depending on tank size and stocking. If you would like a free individual quote please contact me.

Filter Upgrade Service

Adequate and efficient filtration is essential to provide a healthy environment for all aquarium inhabitants. In order to maximise the efficiency of a filter it must be correctly sized for the aquarium and contain good quality mechanical media (coarse/medium/fine sponges), biological media and chemical media (if used).

I offer a filter upgrade service using high quality mechanical (coarse/medium/fine sponges) and biological materials to achieve maximum filtration potential. Each upgrade includes free bacteria balls to properly seed the biological media.


I use Biohome Filter Media, mainly Biohome Ultimate, to upgrade the filters listed below. If you have a filter that is not listed please contact me directly and I can provide you with an individual upgrade quote.

Please be aware that the filter upgrade service is only available to clients who are either able to drop off their filters to Hockley, Essex or cover the postage costs.

Fluval 106 (includes 700g Biohome Biogravel) - £34

Fluval 106 (includes 500g Biohome Ultimate) - £31

Fluval 206 (includes 1kg Biohome Ultimate) - £44

Fluval 306 (includes 2kg Biohome Ultimate) - £64.50

Fluval 406 (includes 3kg Biohome Ultimate)- £85

Fluval FX4 (includes 3kg Biohome Ultimate) - £90

Fluval FX6 (includes 5kg Biohome Ultimate) - £125

All Pond Solutions 1000EF (includes 2.5kg Biohome Ultimate) - £65.50

All Pond Solutions 1400EF (includes 3kg Biohome Ultimate) - £78

All Pond Solutions 2000EF (includes 5kg Biohome Ultimate) - £113

Fish Tank Matt is covered by a £1m public liability insurance policy.